Bamboo floors have become increasingly popular in recent years. Bamboo, as a fast growing grass, is seen as more sustainable than hardwood flooring, and bamboo flooring is less expensive than most hardwood flooring. All our bamboo ranges carry a minimum wear warranty of 25 years. While slightly more resistant to water damage than hardwood flooring, it is still prone to swelling, warping and discolouration with exposure to moisture and in excessively humid or dry enviroments. As with all hardwood flooring, bamboo will dent and scratch much easier than man made flooring options.
Golden Elite Bamboo ​Coffee
Embelton Bamboo ​Natural
Engineered Timber
Engineered timber consists of a base layer, usually plywood, topped with a hardwood veneer. Engineered timber flooring mimics the look of traditional timber floors at a lower cost. It is easy to install, all our timber floors are installed using a locking system, and arrive polished and finished with protective wear layers. As a timber product, engineered timber flooring is still prone to moisture damage, and care does need to be taken in cleaning the floor. While engineered timber can be refinished, the timber veneer prevents this from occuring multiple times. 
Embelton Eco Walk ​Ironbark
Embelton Luxury Oak ​Mink Grey Oak
Laminate is an less expensive alternative to a hardwood floating floor. It has a very hard wear layer, and is protected against stains and dents. Laminate is installed using a click system, typically on underlay, making it an ideal product for DIY. Care needs to be taken with cleaning laminate as it is very prone to water damage. Laminate can not be refinished, unlike hardwood flooring, and it is difficult to replace damaged planks. 
Quickstep Titan Select ​Coastal Blackbutt
Embelton Design Oak ​Belfort Dark