Polypropylene carpets is inexpensive, water resistant and durable. It is prone to crushing and has a low melting point, meaning that friction (such as moving furniture across it) burns streaks into the carpet. We recommend it for low traffic areas and rental properties, where carpet will need to be replaced regularly regardless of the quality. 
EC Group - Meadows Hawley
Beaulieu - Beachcomber ​Bistro
Polyester carpets look great and feel great when they are first installed, they have great stain resistance and are fade resistant. It is important to ensure a polyester carpet is well constructed as it is the least durable fibre available. We recommend it for low traffic areas such as bedrooms. 
Feltex - Orchard Park Crystalite
Beaulieu - Cavill Avenue ​Chocolate
Nylon carpets are often considered the best of the synthetic carpets, this is because nylon is a strong and durable fibre. It is also highly stain resistant  and due to its strength can be made into many different carpet styles. Nylon is more expensive than the other synthetic fibres, and we would recommend it for high traffic areas where durability is important such as living rooms, hallways and staircases. 
Feltex - Endless Charm ​Mercury
Tuftmaster - Willow Grove ​Cinder Grey
EC Group - Estate Corona
Signature - Joy ​Glee
Triexta is a new fibre on the market and one that shows a lot of promise. Triexta carpets stain resistance is developed within the fibre so won't wear off over time. It is a very durable and strong fibre, that is in part made from a renewable resource (corn). It is a similar price to nylon, and as a new fibre has not had decades of home use to fully test its durability. We would use it in the same areas as you would consider a nylon or wool carpet. 
Godfrey Hirst - Dream View ​Aluminium
Godfrey Hirst - Coastal Weave Casa Blanca
Wool and Wool Blends
Wool carpets have long been considered the luxury carpet choice. Many of wools advantages can be seen in nylon and triexta carpets, however wool has the added benefit of being natural. It is naturally stain resistant, provides insualtion, is strong and durable and is fire resistant. Wool is an expensive fibre and must be cared for more than synthetic fibres once installed. Wool blends usually combine the appearance and feel of wool with a better price. 
Tuftmaster - Devon Place Boulevard
Hycraft - Magnifique ​Blanc